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iBooks loses its wooden shelf in iOS 7 design refresh

iBooks loses its wooden shelf in iOS 7 design refresh

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Apple has updated iBook's design to match iOS 7's clean new style, finally removing the app's much-criticized wooden bookshelf layout. While iBooks' new main screen still displays book covers as though they were sitting on a physical shelf, the shelf is now just an off-white background — not unlike the new Newsstand design. Buttons and fonts across the app have been changed to match up with iOS 7's style as well, but otherwise there aren't big feature changes to speak of.

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Not everything about iBooks has been changed, however: books still animate open as though they were real novels, and pages still curl as you turn them. Even so, the change finally brings iBooks — one of Apple's more prominent apps — onto the same page as the rest of iOS 7, whereas it stuck out badly until today. Apple still doesn't have every single one of its apps updated, but with iBooks out of the way, everything major now features the same style.