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Amazon's Kindle cases can now be personalized with your own photos

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amazon assets
amazon assets

Amazon now allows customers to create customized cases and skins for its Kindle devices, making it a bit easier to add a personal touch to the popular hardware. Users have the option of uploading personal photographs or choosing from a provided library of images, logos, designs and patterns. Images can be printed on one or both sides of cases, and thankfully Amazon isn't charging anything extra for the new personalization process.

Customized cases are available for much of the Kindle lineup, including the Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD, and Kindle Paperwhite. If you can't find a good photo of your own to use, Amazon says that its own designs include content from Peanuts, National Geographic, Breaking Bad, Star Trek, and more. Leather cases, rear skins, and Amazon's Origami case are all eligible for customization.