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Amazon combines PlayStation 4 and Kindle Fire HDX in $599.99 bundle

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PS4 Kindle bundle
PS4 Kindle bundle

Amazon will release a limited number of PlayStation 4 consoles for sale at 12:01AM EST tonight, but there appears to be one big (and pricey) catch. The company is offering a $599.99 bundle that also includes a 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX with special offers. That winds up saving you $30, and while it sounds like a bizarre package at first, Amazon is portraying the two devices as a natural pair.

"While the PS4 heralds in the next generation of consoles, Kindle Fire HDX does the same for tablets with improved visuals, a faster processor, and the revolutionary 'Mayday' button," the retailer writes. "Partner these together with the interactive Second Screen feature for a completely immersive entertainment experience."

Is Amazon taking advantage of a popular product to get some extra Kindles out the door, or is this a genius business move on the company's part? If you haven't yet managed to secure a PS4, you've got less than an hour to decide if it's worth the premium.

Update: Thankfully, it turns out that Amazon is also selling the PS4 unbundled at its regular $399.99 price. Overnight delivery is available, so you can have the console as early as Saturday if you get an order in early.