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Cachemonet is the visual drug that will ruin your productivity

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Cachemonet hed
Cachemonet hed

Cachemonet is weird. Spotted by users on the Fazed message board, the site has slowly made its way around the internet, and it's wasted more than a few minutes of our time recently.

Its creators describe Cachemonet as "an exploration into the serendipitous collisions that occur between two randomly generated arrays." What that means in reality is an endless loop of GIFs sourced from Tumblr juxtaposed against one another; a random background and foreground image is selected every four seconds, or you can manually switch images by clicking anywhere on the page. What's made the site stick around in our browsers is the looping music, Jib Kidder's "Windowdipper," a track that samples old-school Windows sounds and provides the perfect backing to the random GIFs.