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Anonymous has reportedly been hacking US government computers for almost a year

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According to Reuters, a recent FBI memo admits that hacking collective Anonymous has been accessing multiple US government computer systems and stolen information over the past year. The alleged memo is said to have been distributed yesterday, and calls the intrusions a "widespread problem that should be addressed." The Department of Energy, the US Army, and the Department of Health and Human Services are all mentioned as targets.

The attacks started last December

The attacks are said to have started last December, using an exploit present in Adobe's ColdFusion software. After gaining access, the perpetrators reportedly installed back doors in the systems so they could regain access at a later date; Reuters states that many of the compromised computers were still being accessed as of last month. The FBI memo tell IT personnel how to evaluate whether their systems have been compromised.

As for the stolen information, an October 11th email from Kevin Knobloch, the Energy Secretary's chief of staff, reportedly states that information on at least 104,000 DOE employees, family members, and contractors had been pilfered. The email also warns that details on nearly 2,000 bank accounts had also been stolen.

The Anonymous attacks are said to be tied to the case of Lauri Love. Love is the alleged UK hacker that was charged in October of having compromised computer systems for NASA and the State Department, to name just a few. According to the report, some of the attacks have been mentioned publicly before as part of the Anonymous Operation Last Resort campaign — though the FBI memo reportedly cautions that "the majority of the intrusions have not yet been made publicly known."