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Greenwald's partner David Miranda prepared to "go to jail" for NSA reporting

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David Miranda (Agência Brasil)
David Miranda (Agência Brasil)

This past August, Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald’s husband David Miranda was held at Heathrow airport for nearly nine hours, forced to hand over the encrypted documents he had agreed to deliver as part of his partner’s ongoing investigation into NSA surveillance.The official explanation for the detention was suspicion of "terrorism" — by transporting secret government documents, Miranda was endangering the lives of ordinary Britons, explained the authorities.

Facing legal proceedings that could draw out for months, Buzzfeed profiles the 28-year-old Brazilian communications major that Greenwald and partner Laura Poitras entrusted to transport their most precious secrets across borders, dispelling the idea that he was an uninformed mule. "Glenn and Laura’s reporting is so important… I’m so proud to be able to play any role at all in that. I’d go to jail for that," says Miranda.