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Walter in the Middle: what if 'Breaking Bad' were just a dream?

Walter in the Middle: what if 'Breaking Bad' were just a dream?

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During Breaking Bad's remarkable run, there was a theory that at the end of the show, Walter White would be sent into witness protection — and he'd take on his new identity as Hal Wilkerson, the Malcolm in the Middle patriarch.

But what if, instead of a prequel to Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad was just a dream within the show? A dream where Hal was free to use the B-word, to be married to a beautiful blonde woman, and to actually enact his Scarface fantasies. A shockingly logical alternate ending explores just that. The video's origins are slightly mysterious, though the name on the uploader's YouTube account, Michael Davies, matches the producer of discussion show Talking Bad. And, with the Breaking Bad DVD set due November 26th, the video may be part of the extras. [Update: The owner of the YouTube account has since contacted us to say that he's not Talking Bad's producer — they just share a name.]

No matter what, though, one thing's for sure: Bryan Cranston belongs in his underwear. And he'll always be the one who is knocking.

Update: Sadly, a takedown has been issued for the YouTube posting. Sony, it seems, is the one who knocks.

Davies also uploaded a gag reel from the final season of the show, with all the bouncy music and happiness and love and fun that you'd never see in Breaking Bad itself. It's weird to watch.