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AMC reportedly planning 'Preacher' pilot, potentially with Seth Rogen on board

AMC reportedly planning 'Preacher' pilot, potentially with Seth Rogen on board

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Comic book adaptations have been coming to both the big and small screen at a dizzying pace lately, and rumor has it AMC will be the next outlet to get involved. The home of such critically-acclaimed shows as Mad Men and Breaking Bad is planning to launch an adaptation of Vertigo comic Preacher, says a report from Badass Digest. Actor Seth Rogen fanned the flames of this report on Twitter last night, saying that he "may get to bring one of my favourite stories ever to life." He followed that tweet up simply by saying "Arseface. John Wayne, The Saint of Killers," referencing two of Preacher's most notable characters.

At this point, only a pilot has been ordered, so there's no guarantee that the series will make it to a full run — and Preacher has had a long history of stalled adaptations for the screen. Kevin Smith first tried to get a greenlight for a script penned by creator Garth Ennis back in 1998, and Badass Digest notes a number of other names attached to the property that never made it to fruition. One of those was director Sam Mendes (Skyfall), who said a year ago that Preacher might actually make more sense on TV than as a film. It looks like his instinct could be correct — and if this adaptation sees the light of day, AMC seems like a smart place for it. The network has shown a willingness to take risks with gritty, violent, and disturbing material.

With Breaking Bad over and the end of Mad Men in sight, AMC's going to need to restock on buzz-worthy shows. Preacher might be a bit too extreme to find the mainstream success of AMC's two biggest programs, but it could certainly bring more attention to the network — assuming this rumored pilot gets made, of course.