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'Ridiculous Fishing' coming to Android soon, Vlambeer games to support Windows 8

'Ridiculous Fishing' coming to Android soon, Vlambeer games to support Windows 8


'Luftrausers' and 'Nuclear Throne' will be the first Windows 8-ready games

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One of the best iOS games of the year, Ridiculous Fishing, is coming to Android. Announcing the news on its blog, developer Vlambeer notes the port may be ready "sooner than you think." Ridiculous Fishing is a simple yet addictive game; you play as a fisherman, and must cast your line as far as it will go, avoiding fish along the way. When you reach the depth limit of your line, it'll reel back in, and you then have to catch as many fish as possible, this time avoiding jellyfish as you go. Once you reach the surface, you do what any fisherman worth his salt does; pull out your gun of choice and shoot as many fish as you can.

We made Ridiculous Fishing our app of the week shortly after it launched. The gameplay is extremely balanced, with a slow but steady progression and plenty of power ups and levels to unlock and master. There's no word on price or an exact release date, but we'd expect it to be priced similarly to the iOS version, which will set you back $2.99.

Good news for Windows 8 fans

In the same blog post, Vlambeer announced that its upcoming iOS shooter Luftrausers is going to miss its initial launch target of "2013," with an early 2014 release now likely. In positive news for Windows 8 users, Vlambeer also says it's using Luftrausers and its hotly anticipated "roguelike-like" Nuclear Throne as a testbed for Windows 8 support. Once those games are done, the indie developer will look into porting its other games like Super Crate Box, Gun Godz, and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter over to platform. Vlambeer has released nearly all of its games on Steam for Windows, but Microsoft's latest OS hasn't been properly supported.