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DisneyVision is the most fun you can have with 2 inches of rubber and a spike

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Disneyvision toy
Disneyvision toy

When it comes to merchandise, Disney has nearly every avenue covered. Its latest collection of toys includes a curious faux television set called DisneyVision. Spotted by Boing Boing, DisneyVision is a small TV-shaped box that comes with six famous Disney character figurines. Each of the figures can be placed on a rotating spike inside the box, which when turned on uses movement and LED strobe lighting to create the illusion of a zoetrope-like animation.

Some of the characters, such as The Muppets' Kermit, work wonderfully, offering up a cute dancing animation, but, as Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow notes, control over the lighting and movement speed is down to the user, which can lead to some "hilariously horrible" glitches in the effect. If you're interested to see DisneyVision in action, a video from Con-News' YouTube channel shows off all of the characters. You can pick up DisneyVision for $29.99 from the Disneyland and Disney World theme parks, but the company notes there are currently no plans for online sales.