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Qualcomm's Toq smartwatch coming December 2nd for $349.99

Qualcomm's Toq smartwatch coming December 2nd for $349.99

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Qualcomm's upcoming Toq smartwatch will be available from December 2nd. The company, better known for its processors that power most smartphones, will sell Toq directly from its own website, and no retail partners have been announced. The watch will interface with Android smartphones via Bluetooth and an app that will be made available from Google Play.

The most unique aspect of Toq is its display; it utilizes Mirasol, Qualcomm's own low-energy screen technology, which should make it more legible in direct sunlight. The Toq has no buttons and, like most smartwatches, is primarily focused on putting smartphone notifications on your wrist.

Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which runs a version of Android, Toq has a lightweight OS that early testers report as being more responsive than the Korean manufacturer's. Qualcomm describes the watch as a "limited edition" model; it's not expecting a runaway commercial success from the Toq. Instead, it's hoping the watch will be received well by users, inspiring other companies to utilize its until-now unsuccessful display technology.

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