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The weird, wonderful art of 'Glitch' is now public domain

The MMO that refuses to die

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Glitch may be just one of many dead virtual worlds, but its creators and fans have done their best to keep the quirky game's spirit alive, through projects like crowdfunded albums and art books. Now developer Tiny Speck has released a treasure trove of Glitch assets into the world: more than 10,000 pieces of art and animation from the game are now freely available for anyone to use through Creative Commons.

"The team at Tiny Speck put years of work into the art for Glitch: many thousands of hours by a hugely talented team spent on illustration, animation, character designs, effects, avatar systems, and environmental," says studio president Stewart Butterfield. "The game didn’t make it, but couldn’t stand the thought of all of that creative work shuttered away forever."

Assets for the game, which was shut down last year, include everything from locations and sprite sheets to in-game items, clothes, and buildings. The team is hoping that the art and animations will pop in other creative ventures, whether it's student projects or full-fledged commercial games (along with the assets, there's also code available to help developers integrate the art into their projects). Tiny Speck will be highlighting interesting and creative projects built using Glitch's assets as they appear. For a game fondly remembered for its strangely beautiful art, it's a fitting conclusion. "Making it freely available to all as a public good is a worthy legacy for the project," says Butterfield.

You can sort through the entire collection at Glitch's site, and check out a selection of in-game sprites below.