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Watch this: a 'Blade Runner' fever dream created with more than 12,000 watercolors

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Blade Runner watercolor
Blade Runner watercolor

Last year, Swedish artist Anders Ramsell released a teaser film for Blade Runner - The Aquarelle Edition, a loving, visually arresting take on the sci-fi classic that on its own took 3,285 watercolor paintings to create. The complete 35-minute film is finally upon us — and it took 12,597 paintings to pull it off.

This take on Blade Runner was clearly a painstaking labor of love, but it's so worth it. Ramsell took the audio from the original film, and lays it atop each of his pieces to create a "paraphrasing" of Ridley Scott's opus. As with the first short, the full film forces you to tease out the emotional force of each scene through the atmospheric score and swirling colors. Check out Roy Batty's famous "Tears in Rain" speech at the end. It's nothing short of heavenly.