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Nokia’s Lumia 2520 tablet available at Verizon on November 21st for $399.99

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Lumia 2520
Lumia 2520

Nokia’s Lumia 2520 tablet might be launching on AT&T this Friday, but it’s arriving on Verizon a day earlier. The US operator is announcing today that Nokia’s first Windows RT tablet will be available online and at select stores on November 21st for a limited time $399.99 offer with a new two-year activation. Verizon customers will be able to add the tablet to their Share Everything account for $10 a month, but after the time limited offer the price will revert to $499.99.

Verizon is only stocking black models in stores, while online customers can pick between black or red. There don’t appear to be any changes to the Verizon model from the AT&T version, aside from the obvious LTE bands differences. Nokia’s first tablet combines a 10.1-inch 1080p display with an optional keyboard cover. Nokia is shipping the Lumia 2520 with LTE onboard, a large 8,000 mAh battery, and a 6.7-megapixel rear camera. Nokia is also bundling in some Windows 8 apps of its own, including HERE maps, a camera app, and its Storyteller image application. Unlike AT&T, Verizon isn’t offering any special bundles with its Windows Phones, leaving customers to opt for the full $399.99 price to purchase the tablet on November 21st.