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Dropbox reportedly seeking $250 million in funding at a staggering $8 billion valuation

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Dropbox for business (stock)
Dropbox for business (stock)

Dropbox hopes to raise $250 million over the next few weeks as part of its latest round of venture capital funding, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. That lofty figure basically matches the total amount Dropbox has accrued since launching five years ago. But even more staggering is the valuation that Dropbox's executives are seeking. They're putting the company's worth at over $8 billion, according to the report, pointing to explosive growth as proof of strong momentum.

Dropbox now has over 200 million users and has doubled its user base in just one year. The cloud service is also making a bigger push than ever before to attract business customers. Already supporting 4 million enterprise customers, Dropbox repackaged its business offerings just last week, making it easier to separate work and personal accounts. And there's no indication the company plans to slow down anytime soon: CEO Drew Houston recently teased, "We have a lot of stuff cooking."