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Xbox One SmartGlass lets you snap apps from your phone or tablet

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Xbox One SmartGlass
Xbox One SmartGlass

Microsoft has started rolling out an Xbox One version of its SmartGlass app for Windows Phone. While many of the features, including remote control and SmartGlass companions, are the same as the separate and existing SmartGlass for Xbox 360 app, there are some notable additions. Xbox One owners will be able to control the app-snapping feature of the console by selecting individual applications to open snapped or full screen. Gamers will also be able to watch game DVR clips on the go from the app.

Other features include access to friends, achievements, pins, messages, and the new Xbox Live activity feed. The user interface has also been overhauled with a menu section on the left to navigate the various sections, and a home section that includes quick access to pins. One extra addition to the settings interface will let SmartGlass users keep a Windows Phone device alive while the app is open, preventing it from locking. It’s not clear why Microsoft has opted to release a separate Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows Phone, but we expect similar iOS and Android versions will follow soon.

Update: The Windows 8.1 version of the Xbox One SmartGlass app has also been released.

Update 2: The iOS SmartGlass app is now live in the App Store alongside the Android version.