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Apple adds PBS and Yahoo to Apple TV (update)

Apple adds PBS and Yahoo to Apple TV (update)

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Apple TV's content story gets a little more compelling today with the addition of two more services: PBS and Yahoo. The PBS app lets users watch some but not all shows, reports All Things D, while the Yahoo app provides access to the company's Yahoo Screen video portal and the shows it carries like SNL and The Daily Show. Most disappointingly, since Amazon acquired the exclusive rights to stream PBS' popular Downton Abbey, you'll still need an Amazon Prime account and an iOS device with AirPlay if you want to watch it on your Apple TV (see update).

Lately, the Apple TV has been Apple's most oft-updated product. Other recent additions include iTunes Radio support, an ESPNews app, and VEVO, Disney, and The Weather Channel apps. It's unclear if Apple will debut its own Apple TV App Store, but at its current rate, many mainstream consumers might not even ask for one.

Update: PBS has clarified in a statement given to All Things D that episodes of Downton Abbey and other PBS shows will be available on a catch-up basis after they air on TV, but the popular British drama will not be available for on-demand viewing otherwise due to the aforementioned Amazon agreement.