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    Bob Dylan's interactive 'Like a Rolling Stone' video was worth the 48-year wait

    Bob Dylan's interactive 'Like a Rolling Stone' video was worth the 48-year wait

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    It took the best part of fifty years, but Bob Dylan finally came around to the idea of making a video for "Like a Rolling Stone." An interactive video introduced today to coincide with the release of a Bob Dylan anthology pays fitting tribute to what has become a classic track in an original and innovative way.

    The player on Dylan's site takes the form of a TV set, encouraging you to flick through the channels on offer. Every channel plays a different show, but each is dubbed seamlessly with Dylan's track. What you're left with is a star-studded, interactive experience that feels like a Bob Dylan themed episode of The Twilight Zone. Drew Carey hosting The Price is Right, scholars on the History Network, the cast of Pawn Stars, an ESPN sports show, Marc Maron, shopping channels and more are all reinterpreted and reworked into a cohesive experience. According to its creators, no viewer will see the same video twice.

    Although video is gimmicky, it nails its complex concept effortlessly. It's a little reminiscent of an ad campaign Virgin Mobile ran a couple of months ago, only far less creepy and far more enjoyable. The modern concept of a music video wasn't around when "Like a Rolling Stone" was made — Dylan himself would help pioneer the idea with the music video-esque opening scene of the 1967 documentary Don't Look Back — but it's safe to say this video was worth the wait.