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Nextgen Reader gets full Windows 8.1 support and new features in latest update

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Nextgen Reader Windows 8.1
Nextgen Reader Windows 8.1

Windows 8’s best RSS reader is getting a major update today. Nextgen Reader, one of our top picks for Windows and Windows Phone devices, is moving to version 2.0 with features designed to support the various changes in Windows 8.1. Small Windows tablets are now fully supported, and Nextgen now supports the various snap view modes to run the RSS reader side-by-side with other Windows 8-style apps or games.

In keeping with Microsoft’s changes, Nextgen Reader has added three dots in the top right to access various options. There’s also the option to tap or click feeds and open them directly in a browser, and the ability to share stories direct to Twitter or Facebook. Other improvements include a new big Live Tile to take advantage of Windows 8.1’s refreshed Start screen layout. If you’re an RSS and Feedly fan then the update is ready to download in the Windows Store now.