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'Ridiculous Fishing' debuts on Android as part of latest Humble Bundle

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Ridiculous Fishing Titlecard
Ridiculous Fishing Titlecard

Ridiculous Fishing is finally making its long awaited debut on Android. The game is available on the platform today as part of the latest Android-focused Humble Bundle, which also includes a number of other great mobile titles. The base bundle will get you games like Rymdkapsel, Spelltower, Epoch, and Swordigo for whatever price you choose. But if you pay more than the average amount — currently less than $5 — you can grab both Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush as well. As with most bundles, you'll also get soundtracks for many of the included games, and there will be additional titles added to the deal over the coming days. No matter what, though, it's a great deal, featuring some of the best mobile gaming has to offer, including two titles featured in our Best New Apps series — Rymdkapsel and Ridiculous Fishing. You can get in on it now at the source link below, but only for the next two weeks.