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'Machete Kills Again... in Space' trailer is an X-rated sci-fi masterpiece

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Machete Kills Again in Space
Machete Kills Again in Space

For anyone who saw Machete Kills last month , the trailer for Danny Trejo's inexplicable yet appropriately violent journey through space and time won't be anything new. For everyone else, this is genius in action.

Machete Kills... in Space appears to be exactly the kind of pulpy, mindless fun the previous two Robert Rodriguez films were. Here, Trejo wields a light-machete to cut down his enemies (including a mechanized Justin Bieber) while his comrades Michelle Rodriguez, Alexa Vega, and Lady Gaga kick ass, fire ray guns, and mug for the camera. Leonardo DiCaprio might or might not be along for the ride, but no one seems particularly sure. In the end, you don't watch this because it makes even a lick of sense, but because it's too good to look away. We're not sure if it'll ever see theaters, but we sure hope it does.