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Origami turns creepy in artist's paper mask portraits

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origami mask
origami mask

Pairing a fashion photographer with an origamist may seem like an odd mix, but Giacomo Favilla and Francesca Lombardi have proven that such a collaboration can lead to surreal results. They've joined together for One of Us, a project featuring black and white portraits of people wearing origami masks. The masks themselves come in all shapes and sizes — some more creepy than others — with animals a strong focus; a puma, cat, rabbit, and crocodile are included. Londoners will have an opportunity to see the pictures up close when One of Us is given the exhibition treatment starting November 28th at The Book Club. Other work from the portfolios of Favilla an Lombardi will also be on display as part of the event, which is slated to run through February 16th of next year.