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Cisco Hates him! local guy discovers one secret to selling millions more Xbox Ones! (click here to read)


So I was at the local Microsoft store, picking up some surface gear, when the guy next to me playing with the xbox gave me this brilliant idea on how Microsoft can easily push a lot, lot more Xbox Ones.

All they need to do is add lync.

A very commonly seen device in conference rooms is the Cisco Telepresence.


The specs to such a device:

1920 x 1080 resolution on a high-quality 42-inch or 55-inch display

  • First generation MX200 and MX300 systems support up to 1080p video resolution with 30 frames per second (fps) and 720p video resolution with 60 fps, and HD content sharing
  • The MX300 G2 offers 1080p60 video resolution and 1080p30 content
  • The MX Series is H.264.SVC ready
  • How much do they go for? The cheapest source I can find is e-bay, that thats more than 10000!

    Now if only Microsoft added Lync to the Xbox One, than it would destroy the whole video conferencing market, completely disrupt Cisco's cash cow. I can create a conference room video conferencing system with much, much better quality at 1000$ (xbox + tv), much cheaper than the 10k cisco wants .

    Just imagine:

    "How much do YOU think this advanced video conferencing device is worth?

    Wait just one moment before you answer,

    Watch as Xbox integrates video conferencing with Miami Vice

    now we can take this video game involving Ferraris, and snap it right next to Lync.

    Now how much do you think Microsoft Xbox is worth?

    Don't Answer!

    Wait until you see Xbox Live and HDMI passthough,

    and listen to what else you get at no extra charge!

    Skype, blu-ray player, a media player, surround sound, a clock, a control panel, and can you believe it? Forza!

    All these features and Forza all for just how much did you say? 5000$? 10000$? EVER MORE?!

    No, its just 499$ Thats right, 499$! Its an incredible value but its true, its Xbox from Microsoft.

    Order today! PO Box 286-DOS

    Except in Cupertino!"