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Mercedes-Benz builds a stunning concept supercar for Gran Turismo anniversary

The AMG Vision Gran Turismo answers Kaz Yamauchi's challenge

Gran Turismo, the elder statesman of driving games, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year in grand style. Its developer, Polyphony Digital, has asked the world's leading car manufacturers to produce real-life concepts that look into the future of sports car design. Mercedes-Benz is first to take part in this Vision Gran Turismo project, introducing the audaciously styled concept supercar you see before you. Carrying the company's AMG designation, it's designed to evoke the sense of a predator poised to strike — and its aggressive combination of a low, streamlined body with oversized wheel arches and LED-illuminated grille certainly gets that point across. It's basically what Michael Keaton's Batmobile would look like if it were dropped into the Tron universe.

Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi challenged carmakers to design their rendition — or vision — of what the words "Gran Turismo" mean to them. The response has been overwhelming, with everyone from Alfa Romeo to Zagato signing up for the opportunity, plus design houses from outside the car industry, such as Nike and its Jordan Brand subsidiary. All of this will eventually trickle back into the game, with the concept cars being added as free downloadable content to the upcoming Gran Turismo 6. Most of the images here are of the conceptual design, but you can head over to NOTCOT to see pictures of the real car, which has just been unveiled at the LA Auto Show.


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