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Amazon selling Verizon Moto X for a penny

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Moto X hero (1024px)
Moto X hero (1024px)

Amazon is offering the best deal yet on the Moto X, selling its black and white Verizon models for just a penny each when on a two-year contract. While you can get the phone directly from Verizon in all its customizable glory, it'll run a full $99.99 now that its half-off promotion is over, making Amazon's offer a much more appealing option. As it's on Verizon, it'll be immediately eligible for an upgrade to KitKat too, an update that Motorola released just yesterday. Buying the phone through Amazon will still keep you stuck on-contract though, and the discount isn't quite so impressive when factored in over the long haul — but for those upgrading, it's still a great price on one of the most exciting Android phones this year.