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Nokia updates music app for Windows Phone, renames it Nokia MixRadio

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Nokia Music
Nokia Music

Music streaming services are putting more and more focus on personalized radio as of late, and now you can count Nokia among them. Today the company released an overhauled version of its music app for Windows Phone, and the update starts with an all new name. Formerly known simply as Nokia Music, the app is now called Nokia MixRadio, putting a clear emphasis on the personalized playlists curated for listeners by Nokia's "mixologists." There's also a new feature called Play Me, which Nokia describes as "a constant stream of music created just for you." Giving any song a thumbs up or thumbs down will help tailor the mix to your tastes, and Nokia says its ability to find what you like improves with every listening session.

As before, Nokia MixRadio doesn't pester users with any advertisements, and it gives you the option to save several hours worth of mixes for offline playback. That all comes free, but you can also pay a monthly $3.99 subscription for unlimited skips and no limit on the amount of music you can store offline. Nokia MixRadio is available now and remains exclusive to the company's Lumia hardware.