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Nike designs Megatron sneakers for the Decepticon in you

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Nike Megatron sneakers
Nike Megatron sneakers

Nike has been experimenting pretty gamely with pleasing its nerdier fans in recent years. The Air Mags straight out of Back to the Future Part II that the company released in 2011 were about as fun as any lover of '80s pop culture could possibly want — even if they didn't lace up automatically. Now the company has given us yet another throwback with the Nike Megatron Trainers, modeled after classic Transformers archvillain Megatron.

Nike collaborated with Hasbro and Detroit Lions wide-receiver Calvin Johnson to create three pairs of sneakers, since Johnson just happens to be known as "Megatron" among fans. Each pair has its own subtle differences, but all resemble the Decepticon leader in their purple color scheme. The Trainer Max is designed to be reflective and almost robotic in appearance, while the Megatron Nike Air Trainer SC II shows off circuitry. The Megatron Elite TD Cleat comes in an exclusive Megatron Rises three-pack and just looks straight-up dangerous. The three-pack costs a hefty $550, but Nike sweetens the deal by including its own 5-inch Megatron figure that transforms in a jet. The sneakers will all hit retail at 21 Mercer in New York City, select Nike Yardline stores, and, though Nike hasn't specified when.