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Google Wallet debit card announced, available now

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Google Wallet Card promo
Google Wallet Card promo

After months of rumors, the Google Wallet Card has officially arrived. The prepaid debit card lets Google Wallet users make payments with their Wallet balance at ATMs, banks, and any business that accepts MasterCard Debit. You can request your own card starting today (so long as you've verified your identity), and Google says it should arrive within 10 to 12 days. Shipping is free, and there are no activation fees to get started with the card. From there, the Google Wallet Card can be used for purchases both online and in physical stores just like any other debit card, and you're also able to withdraw cash from ATMs nationwide.

Your Wallet security PIN doubles as the debit card's PIN when buying things, and Google has set a maximum $5,000 per day spending limit on the card. The Google Wallet Card was rumored to arrive earlier this year, but later reports indicated that the project was temporarily shelved by CEO Larry Page. Clearly the kinks have since been worked out, and if NFC or mobile wallets in general previously gave you any pause, a more traditional form of payment is now available.