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Tumblr revamped for iOS 7 with new look, auto-complete tags, and faster reblogging

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Tumblr has been a bit slow in updating its app for iOS 7, lagging behind both Facebook and Twitter, but a new version released today finally adopts the new aesthetics and animations of Apple's latest OS. Aside from new visual flourishes and faster performance, Tumblr is also iterating on its native iOS app with some useful new features. First, it will now autocomplete tags for your post after you've started typing. With the improved search Tumblr rolled out last month, tagging your content is more important than ever, and the company is trying to make that process quicker on iOS.

Beyond that, the latest update adds a feature called Fast Reblog. For users with multiple Tumblrs, this lets you automatically post to a secondary blog that you've most recently posted to rather than defaulting to your primary blog. You'll know which blog you're posting on based on the avatar displayed in the app. Tumblr has also included a new drop-down post schedule calendar and an updated grid view for photos and videos. The new version of Tumblr is available now in the App Store.