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Pinterest introduces place pins to help you organize your travel

Pinterest introduces place pins to help you organize your travel

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Pinterest is introducing new "place pins" to help users organize their travel. At an event in San Francisco tonight, the company demonstrated the new feature, which adds geographical data to new and existing pins and visualizes them on a map. Someone planning a trip to wine country, for example, can add in place information automatically when pinning from Airbnb, OpenTable, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, and other partners. Pinterest is also adding a "send board" feature to easily email boards to other people to help with organizing trips.

People already pin 1.5 million places to Pinterest per day

Any existing pin can be updated with a place with a couple of taps on the web or in the company's mobile apps. The update works both on the web and mobile devices, with Android and iOS apps being updated tonight, the company said. While the company did not discuss ways of making money during its event, adding location data to pins will ultimately help Pinterest make money by giving advertisers more information about its audience's location and travel plans.

Place pins are the latest kind of specialized pin introduced by the company, which previously introduced expanded pins for recipes, shopping, and articles. The company's goal remains to inspire people to do things in the real world, founder Ben Silbermann said tonight. The question for the company, he said: "How do we get better at turning pins, which we think of as little piece of inspirations, into action?" Places, he said, are a natural place for the company to expand: people pin 1.5 million places per day to the site already, and more than 750 million pins include a destination.