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Snapchat's CEO says his former friend 'may deserve something' for helping create the app

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snapchat stock 1020
snapchat stock 1020

As Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel apparently holds out against generous acquisition offers, he and co-founder Bobby Murphy are also in a legal battle against a former friend who says he was shut out after coming up with the idea for the app. Reggie Brown attended Stanford University alongside Murphy and Spiegel, and he produced several documents showing that he had been involved in creating the original version of Snapchat — including a patent filing with his name on it. Murphy and Spiegel, however, say that he played little role in actually developing the app, even if he was present while they were building it. Business Insider, which has followed the case closely, now says that the three men are likely to agree on a settlement, and videos from an April deposition show Spiegel agreeing that Brown could deserve some credit for his work.

Business Insider stresses that the many short clips it's posted are only a few minutes culled from hours of footage, and that neither side comes off completely clean. In its selections, though, Spiegel struggles to explain why Brown was involved in the search for a coder and mentioned in emails as a co-creator of the app (and a "certified bro"). He says that although Brown came up with the idea of a disappearing photo app, he didn't have the skills to meaningfully contribute to its development; after that, he says that he essentially let Brown follow along. "He was my friend," Spiegel says when asked why he didn't discourage him from working on the app. "And he was excited about working on the project, and I wanted to include him." When pressed, though, Spiegel said that "Reggie may deserve something for some of his contributions." Brown has asked for a full third of Snapchat, but Business Insider doesn't say how much he's likely to receive, though it mentions it will be "significant."