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FCC to consider allowing cellphone calls on US flights, reports WSJ

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Delta Airlines (STOCK)
Delta Airlines (STOCK)

Late last month, the FAA finally approved the use of electronic devices during all phases of flight. But changes to aviation policy may not be stopping there. According to The Wall Street Journal, the FCC will soon propose allowing travelers to make cellphone calls while aboard flights. Using your smartphone would still be prohibited during takeoff and landing, according to sources familiar with the plans, but you'd be able to place calls once a plane reaches 10,000 feet.

The Journal reports that FCC officials are set to discuss the matter during their upcoming December meeting. But even if approved, the proposal merely permits the practice. The FAA would have to approve new equipment that would transmit voice calls, and the final decision of whether to allow cellular calls would rest with the airlines. It's not the first time the FCC has gone down this road, but a previous attempt fell apart in 2007 over concerns about noise from airline workers and a "lack of technical information" on what effects cellphone use would have on aircraft.