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Apple makes its case to holiday shoppers with Life on iPad minisite

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Life on iPad minisite
Life on iPad minisite

The shopping day bonanza known as Black Friday is just around the corner, and with a section of its website Apple is unsurprisingly sending a clear message: buy an iPad. The Life on iPad minisite used the similarly named video from the most recent iPad event as its starting point, and then expounds upon it, showing the iPad family used in situations far beyond the typical use cases of reading a book or browsing the web. Among those highlighted are wind turbine technicians that take iPads up with them when they make service calls, a surgeon that uses a sterile-wrapped iPad for reference during procedures, and an off-road racing team that uses an iPad mini and the MotionX GPS app to plot their courses. In our recent reviews of the iPad Air and the retina iPad mini we mention the impressive library of tablet apps that Apple's family of products boasts, but if you'd like to take a look at some rather exotic uses — including how the iPad can be used while scuba diving — the site's worth checking out.