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Microsoft takes over Times Square for Xbox One launch

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Xbox One launch event
Xbox One launch event

Console launches don't come along very often, so you'd expect Microsoft would pull out all the stops for the release of Xbox One. And that's just what happened last night: Microsoft held several launch events across the globe, with its primary focus on New York City's Times Square.

Thousands of fans lined up outside Best Buy Theater for a chance to sample Xbox One games and, come midnight, get their hands on a console. Microsoft also bought up a healthy amount of video billboard space across Times Square, ensuring that the world knew its latest product was about to arrive. Developers of several launch titles were on hand to chat with players, but the event didn't focus entirely on games. The Xbox One is just as much about entertainment as it is video games, so it was only fitting that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took to the stage before the final countdown.

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As eager fans waited outside, Microsoft helped pass the time by giving away free Xbox One shirts, hats and other collectibles