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Google celebrates 50 years of 'Doctor Who' with a Dalek-dodging Doodle

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Google's latest Doodle is a playable nod to cult British sci-fi show Doctor Who on its 50th anniversary. Click the start arrow to choose one of 11 Doctors, each a cute 2D version of the actors that have played the show's lead role, and then guide them around isometric versions of appropriately Whovian settings to collect the letters to spell "Google."

Mini versions of Daleks, Cybermen, and inappropriately terrifying Weeping Angels block your route. Die and — as in the series — you'll regenerate, cycling through a list of Doctors that includes a wildly grinning Matt Smith, and a bouffant-headed Tom Baker with his trademark torso-length scarf. The Doodle comes ahead of a special episode of the show, set to air worldwide on November 23rd. The episode — titled Day of the Doctor — will see a return for ex-Doctor David Tennant, the final episode for current Doctor Matt Smith, and the first appearance of a new doctor: Peter Capaldi. A trailer for the episode is available to view on the BBC's website.