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Taiwanese iPhone maker Foxconn to build plant in the US, citing manufacturing 'renaissance'

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foxconn flickr matt wakeman
foxconn flickr matt wakeman

American companies usually go to Asia to do their manufacturing, but this time it's the other way around. Foxconn, the Taipei-based electronics manufacturer that builds Apple's iPhone, is planning to invest $40 million to build robots in Pennsylvania.

Foxconn will spend $30 million over the next two years building a high-tech manufacturing facility in Harrisburg, PA, as well as $10 million on research at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, Bloomberg News reports. Foxconn already has a plant in Harrisburg that employs about 30 people, but the new facility will employ another 500.

The move is part of Foxconn's strategy to move more manufacturing to the US as demand increases for domestic products. The company also has factories in California and Texas. Chairman Terry Gou says the company wants to be part of the manufacturing "renaissance" in the US.

The move is part of Foxconn's plan to move more manufacturing to the US

Bringing jobs to the US could also be a helpful marketing move, given some of the bad publicity Foxconn has received for poor working conditions in its Chinese factories.

Foxconn will be building telecom infrastructure components and internet servers as well as robotics, the company says. It'll be in the right place: Pittsburgh has been making a name for itself as a robotics hub.