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After 17 years online, Pitchfork is launching a magazine

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The Pitchfork Review
The Pitchfork Review

While outlets like The Onion are being forced to end their print circulation in order to focus on the web, Pitchfork is moving in a somewhat different direction — next month will see the release of The Pitchfork Review, the iconic music site's very first magazine. The Review won't replace the website in any way, but instead will be a quarterly publication focused on longer features with an emphasis on photography and illustrations.

"We've always been huge fans of the print medium."

"We've always been huge fans of the print medium," the publication said in its announcement. "The Pitchfork Review will allow us to extend our passion for music, images, and storytelling into a new arena." Of course, Pitchfork isn't the only online publication to experiment with print, as sites like Grantland also have quarterly magazines available. But given Pitchfork's lengthy and influential run on the web — the site debuted back in 1996 — it's a notable development nonetheless. You can grab the first issue on December 14th.