Microsoft and Sony have just kickstarted the next generation of games with the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As of today, they're simply powerful, relatively affordable new boxes that play games. Tomorrow, they could be capable of much, much more.

For now, though, neither console has realized its potential, and there aren't many good games to start. They're also not backwards-compatible, so you'll only get an error message if you try to put old Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 discs in their drives. When existing video-game console libraries are chock-full of great titles, and wonderful PC and mobile experiences are cheaper and more accessible than ever before, would buying a PS4 or Xbox One this holiday season truly be the best choice? Both consoles are expensive, with the PS4 coming in at $399.99 and the Xbox One at $499.99. But you'll also want some games — so let's just see how much bang you can get for 600 bucks.

What's the best way to spend your hard-earned gaming dollars this holiday season? Let's find out.