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Android 4.4 KitKat now rolling out to Moto X on T-Mobile and AT&T

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Moto X 1024
Moto X 1024

Verizon Wireless stunned everyone earlier this week when it became the first carrier to bring Android 4.4 KitKat to the Moto X. The update — which came even before Google's own Nexus 4 received it — was a noticeable change from Verizon's often sluggish pace of updates. But its competitors aren't lagging far behind. T-Mobile came second in distributing the major OS update to Moto X owners, and today AT&T is doing the same for its users. According to a post from Motorola on Google+, the update is rolling out now. That leaves Sprint as the odd one out among major US carriers.

Android 4.4 adds KitKat's dialer (minus business search), SMS support in Hangouts, more transparency on the Moto X home screen, and a new way to adjust exposure when using the camera. Just don't expect to see the Google Experience Launcher after you've run the update, though it apparently doesn't take much work to shoehorn the software on there for the same KitKat experience Nexus 5 users are getting.