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The downfall of hacker collective Antisec

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Hacker chronicler Quinn Norton spent months in 2011 and 2012 talking to members of the hacktivist collective Antisec, the division of Anonymous responsible for the leaked corporate emails that earned Jeremy Hammond a 10-year prison sentence. Norton says she didn't take notes and was careful not to broach anyone's identity, but she details a retrospective of the group from memory in a piece titled "How Antisec died." The boldest claim? The nine-month FBI sting only nabbed two hackers from the group, Hammond and Hector Monsegur, also known as Sabu. But the agency walked away with access to more than 50 backdoors the hackers had collected to governments and corporations around the world. Furthermore, the agency's head of cybercrime quit three days after the sting's conclusion and took a job at Crowdstrike, a security firm known for hacking back at hackers. So, what did the police really want? Read the whole piece at Medium.