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DIY Batmobile heading to auction this month for estimated £90,000

DIY Batmobile heading to auction this month for estimated £90,000

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The Batmobile of Tim Burton's 1989 classic Batman — with its jet engine and gothic styling — is almost certainly a contender for the favorite Batmobile among Dark Knight aficionados. (Gotta love the Tumbler, though.) Fans have been making replicas of the car for years. One model, however, is so special that UK-based auctioneers Historics at Brooklands took notice, and plan to auction the car off at Mercedes-Benz World for £90,000 (about $146,000 USD).

The original Keaton-mobile was a beast under the hood. It was filled with gadgets and weapons (including two Browning machine guns) and could go from zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds. The fan remake holds its own with modern-day amenities like remote ignition, front and rear cameras, and a flame thrower. It may not drive itself like the Audi A7, but that's about the only downside.

The Mercedes-Benz world auction is scheduled for November 30th. One lucky, very wealthy fan is sure to drive away with a dream car.