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This film made of Instagram photos shows how alike we really are

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"I wanted to create structure out of this chaos."

An Instagram short film
An Instagram short film

When you're browsing Instagram, it's hard not to get a sense of deja vu — whether it's a delicious cup of coffee or an adorable baby, people are capturing images of largely the same things. "Instagram is an incredible resource for all kinds of images," says filmmaker Thomas Jullien. "I wanted to create structure out of this chaos." In his aptly titled video An Instagram short film, Jullien gathered 852 different photos, each from a different Instagram user, and organized them by subject. You'll see nearly identical shots of everything from closeups of eye makeup to iconic locations like the Statue of Liberty, and it's a strangely compelling watch despite its familiarity. You might think that your photo of the Sydney Opera House is something special, but it's been taken many times before.