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Experience an aurora borealis in your browser with this stunning panorama

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Aurora borealis panorama
Aurora borealis panorama

On March 17th a beautiful light show appeared in the skies above Östersund, Sweden — and now you can experience it for yourself. Photographer Göran Strand captured more than 2,400 images of the aurora borealis that night with a Nikon D3s to create a time lapse that covers around four hours of the event. But by using a spherical lens, Strand was able to create a 360 degree panorama that you can navigate right in your browser — you can use your mouse to look around as if you were there, while the aurora makes its way across the skies. If you've never seen an aurora in person before, you can now experience one from the comfort of your browser — check it out at the source link, or simply watch it unfold in the video below.