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Amazon reportedly developing new, high-resolution Kindle Paperwhite for next year

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Kindle Paperwhite 1024px
Kindle Paperwhite 1024px

TechCrunch is reporting that it has seen a prototype of a next-generation Kindle Paperwhite that features a flush, glass screen and a more angular design that's more in line with Amazon's recent Kindle HDX tablets. However, the marquee feature will apparently be a new, 300 ppi screen that's higher-resolution than any other E-Ink reader on the market today. The new Paperwhite, reportedly codenamed "Ice Wine," is expected to utilize that improved screen with improved typography — including a new custom font designed specifically for the device and perhaps the ability to reflow text with hyphenation.

The new e-reader may also bring back physical controls. TechCrunch, which has accurately predicted Kindles before, says that instead of actual buttons the sides of the tablet will be squeezable with haptic feedback. The new Paperwhite will also reportedly have a light sensor so that it can automatically adjust the screen's brightness for ambient conditions. However, it seems as though there won't be other major software improvements. Apparently the new Kindle isn't due to be released until Q2 of next year, so it's possible that some of these rumored designs and features could change.