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Uber aims to attract new drivers with Toyota and GM car discounts

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Uber NYC stock 1020
Uber NYC stock 1020

Uber drivers that walk into a Toyota or General Motors dealership will get as much as $7,500 off their next car. According to a report today in the Wall Street Journal, the cab-hailing app is partnering with the two manufacturers to offer Uber drivers on-the-spot discounts and more favorable terms for financing on their next car purchase. The exact terms of the deal are still unclear, but apparently some drivers have already taken Uber up on the offer. The piece highlights one driver, Alexandre Sandor, who purchased a new Cadillac XTS and received both a $7,500 rebate and low-interest financing through the program.

It's part of Uber's larger push to get more drivers on the road. CEO Travis Kalanick says he wants to add more than 200,000 new vehicles to the fleet over the next two years. The program could also give Uber a much-needed political boost, as it faces crucial legal challenges in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, along with sluggish numbers in the crucial New York market.