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Monty Python extends reunion after selling out in just seconds

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Monty Python Live
Monty Python Live

Monty Python is adding at least four extra dates to its reunion show next year after the initial 14,500-seat show sold out in 43.5 seconds. The show will now run from July 1st through July 5th at London's O2 Arena, and Variety reports that a sixth show is being planned for the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. A world tour could also be in the works, according to The Daily Mirror, which reported the additional tour dates before they were announced. Even if the dates and locations remain limited, it's an exciting opportunity for fans: the shows will reunite all five surviving members of the sketch comedy group just over 30 years after they disbanded.

Update: On Twitter, Monty Python member Eric Idle revealed that he would be directing the reunion show and that the group is still considering adding more tour dates. "This pretty much took us by surprise, so we are talking about adding more shows," he writes. "I apologise if you didn't get seats. We're working on it." Idle also says that the group is not planning a show at the Hollywood Bowl, despite reports. Fortunately for those who can't make it, Idle says that they will be making a DVD of the show: "Yes there will be a DVD and we will talk about satisfying more peeps but we are barely human...."