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Three key BlackBerry executives ousted as new CEO tries to salvage the company

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BlackBerry 10 stock
BlackBerry 10 stock

It's already a cold day for BlackBerry as the company continues to reshuffle its ranks. The company announced this morning that BlackBerry COO Kristian Tear and CMO Frank Boulben are both set to leave the company, while financial chief Brian Bidulka will be replaced. The news comes three weeks after former CEO Thorsten Heins stepped down after a proposed $4.7 billion takeover deal with Fairfax Holdings fell through.

The embattled BlackBerry is now tasked with finding a new direction for its floundering handset business, with a new CEO at the helm and $1 billion in funding from its investors. Interim CEO John S. Chen seems intent on righting the sinking ship, and is cleaning house in the process. Chen's vital role in saving Sybase was a major factor in the BlackBerry board choosing him in the reorganization. He now expresses his willingness to change course in the official release, stating, "I will continue to align my senior management team and organizational structure, and refine the Company’s strategy to ensure we deliver the best devices, mobile security and device management." It seems the Thorsten Heins era is over.