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'Anchorman 2' targets the social web with more than 50 short videos

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Anchorman 2 (trailer cap
Anchorman 2 (trailer cap

Nearly a decade after its release, Anchorman GIFs are still a common sight on Facebook and Tumblr, so now that it's time to promote the sequel, Paramount has its eyes trained firmly on the web. A new piece in Adweek details the studio's multi-front effort to promote Anchorman 2 on the social web, including GIFs, games and contests. The effort started by seeding the web with new GIFs from the film's official Tumblr, but in recent weeks, Paramount has gone even further, recording over 50 short clips of Will Ferrell reading relevant news for different countries. The clips are short, funny, and targeted locally to the film's different geographical markets, as in the Australia-bound clip below. "This has been the most comprehensive amount of material I’ve ever participated in," Ferrell told Adweek. "I’m taken aback."

Another promotion asks fans to record their own videos to try out for Burgundy's news team, then promotes those videos through the film's social media network, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and even Google+. Of course, Paramount's campaign is still spending huge amounts on billboards and more traditional home-page takeovers at Huffington Post, Yahoo and, but the hope is that the social push will reach new fans that are harder to reach through traditional advertising, providing a test case as many of the platforms struggle to prove themselves to advertisers. "The fans, due to the nature of the internet, are quite disparate," one source told Adweek. "So we had to collect and organize these fans from channels and discussions that are already going on about the film."