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New York puts state troopers in unmarked SUVs to catch texting drivers in the act

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Texting while driving
Texting while driving

New York state is getting even more aggressive in its pursuit of drivers that text on the road. Thirty-two unmarked SUVs are now traveling the state's highways in hopes of catching distracted drivers in the act. The tall vehicles give state troopers a better vantage point than traditional police cars, which put them at eye level with other drivers and can make it difficult to spot when someone is illegally using a phone. These CITE (Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement) SUVs are just the latest step in New York's efforts to cut down on texting while driving.

Aside from stiffer penalties for the guilty, New York earlier this year rebranded its string of thruway rest areas as "Texting Zones." By informing travelers where the next text stop is, the program aims to dissuade drivers from taking their eyes off the road. Now, as millions prepare to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, law enforcement has gained a discreet tool for catching those who needlessly put others at risk.