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Chelsea Manning sends rare letter praising 'truth-seekers' on Thanksgiving

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Since receiving a 35-year prison sentence in August, WikiLeaks source Chelsea Manning has given few public statements, and the ones that have been released largely concern her past actions or ongoing legal issues. As part of a collection of Thanksgiving letters from public figures, though, Manning has sent Time a letter thanking "truth-seekers and human rights pioneers" for their contributions to humanity. Despite requesting a presidential pardon, Manning remains in prison, where she is currently fighting to receive hormone therapy as part of her transition to life as a woman.

I'm thankful for people who, even surrounded by millions of Americans eating turkey during regularly scheduled commercial breaks in the Green Bay and Detroit football game; who, despite having been taught, often as early as five and six years old, that the "helpful natives" selflessly assisted the "poor helpless Pilgrims" and lived happily ever after, dare to ask probing, even dangerous, questions.

Such people are often nameless and humble, yet no less courageous.